Pairtodo is a to do list for couples

Lead a joint list, send messages in your private chat
make each other nice gifts, love each other!


A handy to-do list

Now you will not forget to do some shopping after work, to congratulate their beloved mother on March 8 and pick up the documents, and if you forget, then Paradela will remind you about household chores!

  • Full synchronization of tasks with a partner
  • You can discuss the issue in chat
  • Available on all devices
  • Reminds of completed and overdue tasks
(Русский) Совместный чат для двоих

Chat for two

You can talk about love, to discuss an important problem with your partner and Pairtodo will help you Express your emotions with a variety of stickers!

  • Chat for two
  • Discuss questions
  • Fun stickers

Cards to events and statistics

You will be able to congratulate your mate on Valentine’s Day or just to make a pleasant surprise with the built-in greeting cards!

Also You can always compare who is better cope with a household chore with the help of statistics.

  • Statistics manage household Affairs
  • Fun cards for the second half

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About us


Dmitry Subbotin


Hi, this section “About us”! Will tell a little story :) I came up and made the app Pairtodo to my house was peace and order. I wanted to do business with his wife in a single list, where we can give each other tasks and mark as completed. This will allow us not forget about everyday trifles and important matters, as well as find out who is the boss!

Then have to go to the section “media about us”, but journalists yet don’t know about us. As soon as Forbes, Lifehacker, and VC about us will write, we will add the link:). If you are interested in Pairtodo – that’s our e-mail!

Below is a real user reviews, even the negative – we do not hide anything! I will update them as you add in AppStore and Google Play.

User reviews


Established with her husband a new app and was very pleased with, is the everyday things can be solved and fun together! In the form of a game can be presented any task)

— Meanna, 26 March


Fun app! We’re already the second day, we host battles with the tasks, quite fun. and most importantly comfortable, and a lot of things different have time to do

— Mrs Skarlet, 17 April


Cool app! A lot of todo apps, but to set goals themselves, and the second half is unusual and not only brings practical benefits, but also allows you to have some fun together.

— Rita, 19 January